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The mighty duo of George Gregan and Stephen Larkham achieved another milestone last night, being inducted into the Wallaby Hall of Fame.

The two Classic Wallabies legends were recognised at the 2019 Rugby Australia Awards,  joining an illustrious list including only 43 other Classic Wallabies to have been inducted since the award’s inception in 2005.

The Wallaby Hall of Fame celebrates and recognises our Wallabies who have made a major contribution to the game of Rugby both on and off the Rugby field.

The two players were instrumental in the Wallabies golden era in the late 90’s & early 2000’s, helping the national side collect every piece of silverware in world rugby, including the 1999 Rugby World Cup. 

Take a look at some of their career highlights in the videos below.

Wallaby Hall of Fame: George Greegan

The most-capped Wallaby of all time! Congrats on being inducted into the #Wallaby Hall of Fame Greegs! Follow the awards on Instagram and Facebook now! #RAA19

Posted by Rugby Australia on Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Wallaby Hall of Fame Award: Stephen Larkham

Famous for the 48 meter drop goal against South Africa in the 1999 Rugby World Cup! Congrats on being inducted into the #Wallaby hall of fame Larkham!Follow the awards on Instagram and Facebook stories now!#RAA19

Posted by Rugby Australia on Wednesday, 13 November 2019

The full list of Wallaby Hall of Fame inductees is below. Click here to see the full list of Wallaby honours and milestones.

Wallaby Hall of Fame


Kenneth W. Catchpole (1961-68)

Mark G. Ella (1980-84)

Thomas J. Richards (1908-12)

John E. Thornett (1955-67)

Colin J. Windon (1946-52)


John N.B. Hipwell (1968-82)

Sir Nicholas M. Shehadie (1947-58)

Cyril H.T. Towers (1926-37)


David I. Campese (1982-96)

Thomas Lawton (1920-32)

Mark E. Loane (1973-82)


Sir Ernest E. ‘Weary’ Dunlop (1932-34)

Nicholas C. Farr-Jones (1984-93)

Desmond M. Connor (1958-59)


Alexander W. Ross (1925-34)

Jonathan P.L. White (1958-65)

Anthony R. Miller (1952-67)


A.C. ‘Johnnie’ Wallace (1921-28)

Trevor Allan (1946-49)

Andrew G. Slack (1978-87)


Herbert M. Moran (1908)

John A. Eales (1991-2001)

Paul E. McLean (1974-82)


F.W. ‘Wally’ Meagher (1923-27)

Geoffrey A. Shaw (1969-79)

Anthony A. Shaw (1973-82)


Charles C. Eastes (1946-49)

William H. Cerutti (1928-37)

Michael P.T. Lynagh (1984-95)


J. Wylie P. Breckenridge (1925-30)

Gregory V. Davis (1963-72)

Simon P. Poidevin (1980-91)


John G. ‘Jock’ Blackwood (1922-28)

Cyril T. Burke (1946-56)

Timothy J. Horan (1989-2000)


John A. ‘Jack’ Ford (1925-30)

H. John Solomon (1949-55)

Peter G. Johnson (1959-71)


J. David Brockhoff (1949-51)

Gregory Cornelsen (1974-82)


Edward T. Bonis (1929-38)

B. Timothy Gavin (1988-96)

Philip N. Kearns (1989-99)


George Gregan (1994-2007)

Stephen Larkham (1996-2007)

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